Childhood Cancer Together

Our Mission

Tough2gether Against DIPG’s mission is to fill gaps in the current pediatric brain tumor system.  Our work includes funding research, trial access, patient data use, advocacy, and support for the emotional and financial needs of families facing DIPG.  We seek to support those efforts which fall through cracks in the existing framework.


September Spotlight

During the month of September, EVERY donation made online to Tough2gether will be MATCHED by Seth Wadley Auto Group.  A portion of every car sold in September by Seth Wadley Auto Group will also be donated.  Help us spread the word to raise funds for research, trial access and as needed to support families in a battle with childhood cancer.

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Meet Jace

Tough2gether took its lead from co-founder Jace Ward who, at age 20 was diagnosed with DIPG while a prelaw college student.  Jace advocated for change while fighting DIPG for 25 months.  Inspired by his work, Tough2gether Against DIPG approaches every project with four mission goals:  Connect. Question. Collaborate. Cure. 

Jace Ward

“I can't die

I'm busy”

What We Do

Tough2gether Against DIPG inspires collaborative groups to engage and share ideas so that all, working together, may best fill the gaps in the needs of families facing pediatric brain cancer.  We push hard for work to be done quickly and efficiently like lives depend on it, because we know first hand, young lives truly do.

Tough2gether Fighting Childhood Cancer engages locally as well.  Our neighbors fighting childhood cancer in the Northeast Kansas area must travel far for the best trials and treatments for their children. Tough2gether is committed to support local cancer families during their child’s fight.

Whether through thought provoking new conversations or financial support, Tough2gether relies upon a scientific advisory committee to guide its approach to make the circle bigger and fight childhood cancer 2gether.


Upcoming events

Gold For September

Dine Out Against DIPG

7:15 am

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